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ASEV-Eastern Section Scholarship Recipients


ASEV-Eastern Section Scholarship Recipients
Seven $1,000 student scholarships were awarded this year. Scholarship recipients attending the conference received complimentary registration and room expenses during the ASEV-Eastern Section conference in St. Louis, MO last July.

Eight students received $1,000 each for the ASEV-ES Scholarships
Courtney Duncan, University of Missouri
Ming-Yi Chou, Cornell University
Jennifer Kelly, Brock University
Maria Smith, Penn State University
Marie Guido-Miner, Cornell University
Thomas Todaro, Ohio State University
Pamela Nicolle, Laval University

Dr. William (Bill) Nail Memorial Scholarship Recipient
Andrej Svyantek, Auburn University
Donations for Scholarship
ASEV (Gold Donor)
Stephen Menke (Gold Donor)
Fritz Westover (Bronze Donor)

In the Student Presentation Competition at the 2016 ASEV-ES Conference, two students received $500 awards:
Enology (sponsored by Lallamand, Inc.): Jennifer Kelly, Brock University “Yeast and Botrytis cinerea Considerations for the Development of Regional Appassimento Wines in Ontario”
Viticulture: Brycen T. Hill, Virginia Tech “Effects of Variable Rooting Volume on Growth, Crop Yield, and Berry Composition of Cabernet Sauvignon”

In addition, the best poster competition ($100 each donated by Lisa Smiley, Stephen Menke and Sara Spayd).
Enology: Esther Onguta, Brock University, “The Role of Protein Concentration on Sparkling Wine Foaming Properties and Sensory Attributes”
Viticulture: Daniel Adams, Missouri State University, “Genetic Study of Cold Hardiness in Vitis aestivalis‐derived ‘Norton’ Based Population”

The scholarship fund depends on income generated during our fundraising events each year. Since 2007 the efforts of generous donors and bidders and the support of Eastern Winery Exposition and Vineyard and Winery Management have provided nearly $113,000 toward this program.  The impact past recipients have had on the wine industry, nationwide is priceless.

The association is very grateful for the generous contributions for our fundraising events.